Kodokan Judo (講道館柔道)

Judo is the foundation of the modern Japanese martial arts. Judo is not theoretical, rather, it is self-validating, an application of scientific method to physical combat. The grappling style techniques of Judo were selected to be safe for competition, which allows testing of individual skill and proving the integrity of the system. Deep self-confidence arises from the sure knowledge that what you do works.

The founder Kano Jigoro sensei integrated the close range throws and locks of classical Jujutsu into a coherent system, designed to allow development of automatic responses. Karl Geis sensei brought to America and passed on the Judo teachings of Osawa sensei, Daigo sensei, and Kotani sensei, among others. This Judo begins with movement, posture, timing, and JUU -- accommodating body mechanics, reaction and off-balance rather than forcing it. There IS power in Judo, but the "best use of power" is the goal.

It is axiomatic that Kata is the center of Judo, that Randori is informed by Kata, and Shiai is the outgrowth of Randori. This ideal recognizes that we execute in shiai what we practice in randori, and we practice in randori what we train in kata (uchikomi being an abbreviated, ad-hoc kata). But also Randori is the heart of Kata. The forms were forged, tested and purified by honest experimentation and practical challenge. This approach demystifies the art, but personality development does not depend on spiritual teachings; it happens naturally through dedication and whole-hearted practice.

We strive to practice throwing and grappling skills based on movement and principle, rather than strength and athleticism. Members are welcome to compete in shiai and kata competitions, but participation in events is not required.

Regular Judo classes are suspended for the time being.

Judo will continue to be incorporated on an ad-hoc basis during Aikido classes as appropriate.


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