Dan-level Members

Aikido 7 dan, Jodo 6 dan Shomokuroku, Iaido 7 dan Renshi, Judo 4 dan
Aikido 6 dan, Jodo 5 dan, Judo 3 dan, Karate 1 dan
Jodo ~3 dan, Iaido 7 dan Renshi, Karate, Judo
Jodo ~3 dan, Aikido 4 dan, Iaido 5 dan
Jodo ~3 dan, Aikido 2 dan
Aikido 1 dan
Aikido 1 dan, Brazilian Jujutsu, Karate
Aikido 1 kyu, Taekwondo, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Hung Gar Kung fu, Shito-ryu Karate, American Kenpo
Judo 6 dan, Aikido ~1 kyu
Jodo ~2 dan, Iaido, Tai Chi, Kung fu

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